You visit. We reward.

People avoid the dentist. It’s a fact. Whether their aversion stems from dental anxiety, or they’re not sure how to find a dentist after moving to a new city, it’s not high on anyone’s to-do list. We wanted to make it dead simple for people to find a top-rated dentist, and reward them for visiting. We laid out each step of the Opencare experience in a two, three, or four-step execution, depending on ad size and placement.

You refer. We reward.

The ask: To align an in-flight referral campaign with the direction established by the “You visit. We reward.” campaign.

The execution: Two email variations and a landing page.   

Paid social ads.

The ask: On a shoestring budget, the creative team was asked to deliver 2-3 social media ads each week, with a focus on video. 

The execution: Below is a selection of our top-performing Instagram and Facebook ads.